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I didn't get to say "goodbye",
And all the words I wanted you to hear.
I should have said them when I had my chance,
But I thought that you would always be near.

I ran out of time to let you know,
Just how much you meant to me.
I should have told you,
but I thought you knew,
But now I will never know, if you really did see.

When l talk to you in my prayers at night,
I hope you can hear all I have to say.
I would have told you,
if only I could, Have had you back for one more day.

Perhaps there were words you wanted to say also,
That were left unsaid by you.
But I do know that you loved me, As you knew that I loved you too.

We should always say what we feel in our heart, As tomorrow may never come.
Speak those words today as you feel them, And never lose your chance to tell someone.

By Pamela Hall