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Please feel free to add anything you would like to this Time Capsule.
If you are going to add something please let me know if I should or should not include your addy
You can email me at the address below.

Family Photo--annie777hp

One Dollar Bill--annie

Gone With the Wind Video Movie--annie


Barbie Doll--annie

Record Album--brwneyes1

Grease Video Movie--brwneyes1

Souvenir Program from Bruce Springsteen concert at the Meadowlands, August 1999.--NEEDBEERZBABE

Recording of Elvis singing "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You"--Rebel57

Recording of Elvis singing "The Trilogy"--Rebel57

a Bible--PrettyTT

"Night's In White Satin" song--PrettyTT

one bottle of Coke a Cola--anon

bag of 10 cent Chips--anon

mardi gras beads--cajun_predator

Beanie Babies--ghodgkins

newspaper article of the First Man Walking on the Moon--anon

CONEY ISLAND NY, Parachute ride & then the famous Cyclone ride. Of course the pictures would be put in not the rides --hahaha
submitted by--kc116

episode of The Simpsons TV show--homerjay

THE ROCK wrestling action figure--homerjay

DVD player--homerjay

Forrest Gump Movie--homerjay

last grocery store flyer for 1999 from Shoprite Supermarket--carole-s

hospital bill for 3 day stay in 1999 for over $21,000 for only room & nurses--carole-s

tapings from "original" Saturday Night Live Show--HotFlash1

pack of cigarettes taped to a box of patches--HotFlash1

Archie comic book--anon

picture of Mel Gibson--SunnyHunny

picture of mint cherry red 57 Chevy--SunnyHunny

things about Bill Gates & microsoft--rolandrktwr

Martha Stewart tips & items--rolandrktwr

Things of the Beatles--rolandrktwr

cell phones--rolandrktwr

Henry Ford & the Car--rolandrktwr


Julia & her son Justin--JULIA-in-NY

Tribute to Julia's dad--JULIA-in-NY

the saying Resigning at the age of 8--JULIA-in-NY

Webtv Box--Jaysea41


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