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photo of Al

In Memory of My Hubby Al--9/4/98


There is a pathway in the woods
that is as old as time.
The beauty of this wooded trail
few people ever find.

You start the journey hand in hand
as lovers always do
And the trail that you follow
is just wide enough for two.

The path leads 'round a mountain
out into the morning sun
And through the sunlit fields
you travel on as one.

Never straying from the path
you are grateful for each day
And walking gently side by side
you continue on your way.

Sometimes the path is strewn
with boulders at your feet
But growing 'round each obstacle
are flowers, oh so sweet.

Ever onward winds the trail
heading toward the setting sun
The two of you will travel miles
before your journey's done.

The trail may seem endless
it is the path of life
But you have shared it's beauty
through happiness and strife.

Now you have come full circle
and you're right back at the start
Look back upon your journey
and hold it in your heart.

When you can put your grief aside
and look back through the years
You may find the very thing
that will help to ease your tears.

Many people walk the path
of life all on their own
Never having felt the love
and happiness you're known.

You've known the greatest gift in life
the love of someone true
No matter what else happens
you still keep that with you.

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