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Beware the Cyberman ~~
He'll watch you in the chat rooms To win you is his goal

He'll woo you and pursue you  He'll charm your very soul.

 So when you get an e-mail  And it seems to fill your needs

You go ahead and answer  Not thinking where it leads.

He plays you songs of romance  That get your juices flowing

  He's sweet and kind and lovable   And suddenly you're glowing.

 When you're in his clutches  And he has you feeling willing

  He'll break your heart and drop you    He knows he's made his killing.

He'll change his name,

Start anew,

and find another quarry   You'll be crying bitter tears  While he's not even sorry.

 He preys upon the lonely  He knows just how to please

  He'll send you virtual flowers   And he'll bring you to your knees

 So ladies while you're surfing  Use caution, all you can

Have fun but heed the dangers  Beware the Cyberman

Author Unknown