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about annie 

Hi my name is Ann, but I call myself Annie on web! I started working on this Homepage on July 10 1999. I have been on webtv since the end of Nov.97,
but was not BRAVE enough to attempt this till now!

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I have lived in New Jersey for the past 25 years. I am originally from Brooklyn, New York & I have
"YEAH RIGHT" ha ha ha

I was born in 1943, so you figure out how old I am!

On Sept. 4, 1998 I lost half of me! My WONDERFUL husband Al died! We were married over 35 years.

I have 2 TERRIFIC kids. A Daughter & a Son. I also have the most Delicious Granddaughter who just turned 6 on August 3.

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I Love My

It has been wonderful Therapy for me. Keeping my mind occupied. Always giving me something other than everyday things to think about! Just getting myself lost somewhere in cyberspace.

I belong to Discussion groups & have made some wonderful friends from coast to coast.
It is amazing what a BIG WONDERFUL world this little black box can open up for you.

Immediatly upon getting online I met PrettyTT in a Chatroom & we are still friends to this day!

I have become good friends with Carole (dance fan) who lives less then an hour away from me.
The first time we met was at my Husband Al's Funeral & have remained friends ever since which is now almost 1 year!
We have gotten together several times & boy can we

In fact we met for lunch one day & sat for over 8 hours!
Yup you just read this correct!!! The people in the restaurant were so nice. They said, "they were getting ready to DUST us"!

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Aside, from meeting so many nice people with this little back box. I really enjoy doing the


Something that I am really interested in is Psychology!
The most fascinating thing I have ever done in my life was to learn about me & what makes me tick!
I eventually would like to do a page on Self-Help & BEATING Agorophobia. Which I did BEAT!
But for right now, I prefer to stay on the lighter side of life & enjoy working on a fun page.

Before webtv entered into our lives, my entire family enjoyed playing Video Games.
One of our Favorite games to play was

pac man

My FAVORITE place to go is Atlantic City. Boy does my adrenalin flow when I am there. I have to say, I love AC more then the WEB. I LOVE playing the

triple sevens slot 
machine triple sevens

machines . Unfortuanetly, they don't love me as much as I love them. At this point I must OWN some machines, but they won't tell me which ones!!!
Actually, the 3 7's after my name is for hitting the 7's when I am playing. But, it hasn't helped! But, I'll keep on trying.

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I would like to Thank Cindi (timewarrior) & Carole (dance fan) for helping me with the HTML & correcting my errors!

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So lets go and take a peek at what we have.


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